Kansas City Candle Co.

About Us

Founded in Kansas City 2016, we are a local candle company dedicated to supplying the highest quality and environmentally friendly candles in the U.S.


At Kansas City Candle Co., we use beeswax, coconut wax, and essential oil based fragrances to create luxurious, artisan, hand poured candles!

Beeswax is unique because it is clean burning, meaning it actually purifies the air as it burns!

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Each candle is professionally sniff tested by our dog Bailey for quality assurance.

Save the Bees Campaign

For every 100 candles sold we will donate a hive to a local beekeeper.

As of October 2016, the honeybee is considered endangered. Pesticides, deforestation, and other factors have killed millions of bees over the last decade. Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem and play a vital role in our lives. We want to do our part and ensure their survival by contributing to local beekeepers.

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